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Our Work

Train Birth Workers

We are raising funds to create opportunities for BIPOC to become birth workers, such as doulas, midwives, childbirth educators, and herbalists. 

Through the support and generosity of the UCIMC Nonprofit Incubator Program and individual donors, we held our first ever Birth Justice Doula Training in March 2023! We now have 7 new certified doulas specializing in full-spectrum support during the childbearing year.

Photo credit: Janelle Jaqueline Photography 


Celebrate Black Breastfeeding

BIPOC for Better Birth aims to center the experiences of People of Color. What better way to do this than celebrating Black Breastfeeding each August 25th-31st? 

With funding support from the East Central Illinois Breastfeeding Task Force and the Urbana arts & Culture Program, we celebrated Black breast/chest-feeding people with a pre-event photoshoot by Kreative Vision Photography.

At our 2022 event, the community gathered for children-book storytelling, games, music, snacks, and free photo sessions by Shelby Springer.

Hold Space to Talk About Birth & Make Art 

BIPOC for Better Birth, in partnership with the Urbana Park District and with support from the Urbana Arts & Culture Program, has hosted birth & art focused events with the intention of creating space for birthing and parenting communities to come together, reflect, and have fun.

Past workshops: 

  • Bonding with Your Baby: Belly Painting or Casting Workshop

  • Paint & Plant: A Maternal Mental Health Event

  • ​Painting, Loss, & Remembrance Workshop

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